Apple Pie Recipes That Are Better Than Grandma’s

Apple Pie Recipes That Are Better Than Grandma’s

Apples are a treat in the fall. Biting into a crisp, sweet apple on a cool fall day has the potential to make us feel excited that summer has once again come to an end. The great thing about apples, aside from their delicious flavor, is that when stored right they have the ability to last all throughout winter. So even though the season has come to an end, we get to enjoy them for many months more.

Winter apples just beg to be baked. Turning on a hot oven when it’s frigid outside is possibly the best way to spend a winter afternoon, especially if there’s an apple pie baking in it. Not only does it fill your home with the sweet, sweet aroma of cinnamon and spice, but you get to eat it too. 

There’s more than one way to bake an apple pie. Some of them are easy, some of them a bit more involved, some of the are baked right into the apples, and all of them are delicious. We’ve got a long winter ahead, and that means plenty of time to try them all.

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