Hurricane Irma Heads Toward Haiti After Devastating Barbuda

Hurricane Irma Heads Toward Haiti After Devastating Barbuda

• The death toll from Hurricane Irma on Thursday stood at 11, after the French interior minister, Gerard Collomb, said at least eight people had been killed in French Caribbean territory. At least three deaths were reported elsewhere. The authorities warned that the toll would rise as communications improved.

• Nearly a million people were without power in Puerto Rico after the storm, one of the strongest ever recorded in the Atlantic, blacked out more than half the island. Almost 50,000 people were without water, according to the territory’s emergency management agency.

• The Category 5 hurricane had left Barbuda in shambles, damaging 95 percent of its buildings and leaving the island “barely habitable.”

• The authorities were waiting early Thursday for a fuller picture of Hurricane Irma’s destruction, hours after the storm, lashed Caribbean islands with winds of up to 185 miles an hour.

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