65 Percent of Mexicans View U.S. Negatively, Survey Finds

65 Percent of Mexicans View U.S. Negatively, Survey Finds

But the 65 percent of Mexicans with unfavorable views of the United States in the new survey represent the highest share since Pew began surveying the country in 2002. It also flips the numbers on their head: In 2015, 66 percent of Mexicans had a generally positive view of the United States.

The latest survey was conducted in face-to-face interviews with 1,000 Mexicans from March 2 to April 10.

Mexicans still have a favorable view of the economic relationship, with 55 percent saying that ties with the United States are good for their country, although that proportion has declined 15 points from 2013. Mexicans’ views of Nafta are similarly favorable, with three in five seeing the accord as a good thing for their country.

The negative attitudes toward the United States do not appear to affect Mexicans’ desire to live and work there. More than half of those with an unfavorable opinion of the United States, 54 percent, said that life was better for those who move there.

One-third of Mexicans said they would move to the United States if given the opportunity, a proportion that has changed little since 2009. But a smaller share, 13 percent, said they were willing to work or live in the United States without authorization, down from 20 percent two years ago.

The survey also found a generally grim mood among Mexicans, with 85 percent dissatisfied with the way things are going in their country. Among their most pressing concerns, the study found, are political corruption, drug-related violence and crime.

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