Every Time Chris Cillizza Has Said ‘Bigly’ On Twitter

Every Time Chris Cillizza Has Said ‘Bigly’ On Twitter

But if there’s one thing Cillizza loves more than surface-level punditry, it’s tweeting. This is his natural medium, and the compressed form reduces his most doltish thoughts to a diamond-like clarity. At the time of publication, Cillizza has tweeted 114,487 times. And nearly each one is special in its own way. Sixty-one of those tweets, however, are special in much the same way: They all are premised on the notion that Donald Trump’s coinage “bigly” is a very funny word.

Nothing goes to the heart of Cillizza’s fatuousness quite like his “bigly” tweets. It’s a mindless callback to nothing whatsoever — not quite a joke but a joke-like object, vaguely remembered as something he’s pretty sure people thought was funny. It’s inoffensive to both sides of the aisle and requires no active thought on his part — the Cillizza special.

For your reading pleasure, and arranged in chronological order, here is every time Chris “The Point” Cillizza has used the word “bigly” in a tweet. Take it away, Chris.

Sixty-one pieces of searing insight from what CNN refers to as “one of the top political journalists in the US.” God help us all.


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