Political Clashes in Kenya Leave Several Dead

Political Clashes in Kenya Leave Several Dead

Advocates for human rights have condemned the police, accusing the officers of taking sides in favor of the government and of violating the rule of law and the constitutional guarantee of the right to assembly.

Police have insisted that opposition supporters have committed looting and vandalism and provoked police into action, often by throwing stones.

The nullification of the August election was the first time a court in Africa had overturned a presidential vote. At least 70 people have died in political unrest since then, most of them opposition demonstrators and residents in opposition strongholds shot by the police.

“In the face of this shameful police brutality and serious violations of human rights to life and physical security, the Uhuru Kenyatta government has remained mute and at times cheered the police on and made alarming statements in support of horrifying police actions,” a rights activist, Ndungu Wainaina, told The Associated Press.

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