Victoria season 3 release date, cast, plot: When is the next series? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Victoria season 3 release date, cast, plot: When is the next series? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

When is the Victoria season 3 release date?

ITV has not yet officially recommissioned Victoria season three, however writer Daisy Goodwin has suggested that the show could return.

If the show is recommissioned, it would likely return in August 2018 given that both seasons one and two premiered in the same month. 

Season three would probably also feature eight episodes like the previous runs of the drama.

However, before season three fans will be getting a feature-length Christmas special to keep them satisfied.

What will happen in Victoria season 3?

Victoria season three has not yet been written but in an exclusive interview with, Goodwin spoke of her plans for another run. 

“I think I’d like to do the Great Exhibition and Victoria’s going to have a lot more children,” she explained.

The television producer qwent on to say: “I think we’ll certainly do the Great Exhibition and also it would certainly have – 1848 is the year of the revolution in Europe when lots of monarchies toppled and a lot of people thought the British monarchy wouldn’t survive.”

Goodwin added: “So, I think that’s where we’d start. I’ve got thoughts.”


Victoria season 3 is expected to air in 2018

Will Lord M return for Victoria season 3?

Lord Melbourne (played by Rufus Sewell) was suffering from ill health in Victoria season two of the ITV drama after getting a critical diagnosis from his doctor. 

It looked unlikely that he would survive much longer when Victoria (Jenna Coleman) paid him a visit at his London abode and bestowed a gift upon him in season two. 

But there may be hope for Lord M – as he is affectionally referred to by fans and the royal herself. 

Goodwin teased: “If you notice, I didn’t actually kill him. I never say never. It’s possible if there’s another season. I’m not ruling anything out.”

Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes in ITV drama Victoria season 2ITV

Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes in ITV drama Victoria season 2

Who is in the cast of Victoria season 3?

The ensemble cast will see the return of leads Jenna Coleman as Victoria and Tom Hughes as her husband Prince Albert. 

It is likely that most of the other cast members will be back, such as David Oakes as Albert’s brother Prince Ernest, Daniela Holtz as Baroness Lehzen, Margaret Clunie as Harriet, the Duchess of Sutherland, Nell Hudson as Mrs Skerrett and Ferdinand Kingsley as chef Francatelli.  

There is also set to be new characters as Victoria explores the next chapter of the famous queen’s reign. 

Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes in ITV drama Victoria season 2ITV

Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes in ITV drama Victoria season 2

When will the Victoria Christmas special 2017 air?

Just like Downton Abbey, Victoria will be returning for a Christmas special this festive period.

The two-hour, feature length episode doesn’t have an air date yet but is likely to be broadcast on ITV on Christmas Day like Downton Abbey previously did. 

Goodwin said that the Christmas special was written and filmed during the summer months. 

She explained: “I had to put a lot of Christmas in and that was challenging because it was really hot and I was writing it in the four days we had of summer.

“So I was literally in a room with a fan on, listening to carols, trying to write Christmas stuff. I felt it was very discombobulating.”

What will happen in the Victoria Christmas special 2017?

According to Goodwin, it will be a festive special to end all Yuletide television treats: “It’s going to be amazing. It’s going to be the most Christmassy Christmas special ever made, I would say. 

“There’s snow, there’s ice, there’s dramatic rescues, there’s dogs, there’s proposals, there’s everything you could possibly want.”

She also went to tease danger, saying: “Not death exactly but there’s near-death. 

“Danger and peril which people won’t be expecting but is actually historically true. It’s a two-hour Christmas special, so I hope people will enjoy it.”

The Victoria Christmas special will air on ITV later this year.

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