Amazon is the Death Star

Amazon is the Death Star

As Amazon encroaches on nearly all aspects of retail, CNBC’s Jim Cramer found himself asking a key question: “To be Amazon’ed or not to be Amazon’ed?”

“It’s almost eerie that one company could play such a huge role in both the economy and, yes, for Cramerica, the stock market,” the “Mad Money” host said. “As the legendary cable operator John Malone told David Faber yesterday, Amazon is a ‘death star’ moving in ‘striking range of every industry on the planet.'”

Yes, Amazon has seemingly unlimited capital, a laser-focused founder, CEO and proverbial “evil emperor,” Jeff Bezos, and a lack of exposure to the struggling brick-and-mortar landscape, rife with steep rents and crushing labor costs.

But Cramer said that its chief driver is that the consumer loves Amazon, which, which Prime, provides the most convenient and quickest way to get practically anything.

“For now, Amazon is indeed the death star,” Cramer concluded. “As long as they continue to provide better goods at a better service, every conceivable competitor is right to be afraid. Be very afraid.”

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