A 45-Minute Roast Turkey – The New York Times

A 45-Minute Roast Turkey – The New York Times


45-Minute roast turkey.

Melina Hammer for The New York Times

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Good morning. Picked up the turkeys, plural, this weekend, two big ones that I thought would go side-by-side in the oven because my oven’s pretty big. Wrong! On Thursday, I’ll cut out their backbones and splay them out in their roasting pans and roast them one on top of the other instead. It won’t be very Norman Rockwell. But it will be very good.

Here at NYT Cooking, we call that recipe The 45-Minute Roast Turkey. That’s for an 8- to 12-pound bird. Mine will take about an hour.

Meantime, they’re resting in the fridge. I might brine them on Wednesday morning. I might not. They’re beautiful specimens with quite a bit of fat on them. I don’t think they’ll need the extra boost, though, for sure, I will take them out of their packaging soon and allow them to air-dry in the fridge under a spray of salt for at least 12 hours before cooking them. The drier the skin when it goes into the oven, the better the crisping in the heat.

The pressure’s beginning to mount! The battle is days away, but I can see warships on the horizon. All there is to do right now is keep checking lists and pantry, and knocking off tasks one by one. Tonight, after taking a spin through all our Thanksgiving offerings in search of a perfect new side dish or favorite old recipe for pie, you could slice bread for your dressing, help speed along the move toward dry and stale. Tonight, you could make stock if you haven’t. Create a seating chart. And run through Florence Fabricant’s video guide to Thanksgiving etiquette, our yearly reminder of how to act.

Have you considered what to cook on Thanksgiving morning, in advance of the feast? Have you — if all of this is moot, you’re going to a potluck and only have to bring one dish — considered what you’re going to make?

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