Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar Pleads Guilty to Molestation Charges

Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar Pleads Guilty to Molestation Charges

“He convinced these girls that this was some type of legitimate treatment,” Assistant Attorney General Angela Poviliatis told a judge last summer. “Why would they question him? Why would they question this gymnastics god?”

Ms. Raisman, who was the captain of the teams that took home gold medals for the United States at the 2012 London and 2016 Rio Olympics, has been one of Dr. Nassar’s most vocal public critics, and has fiercely argued that the victims of the case should be blameless, despite some criticism they have received for waiting extended periods of time before reporting the abuse.

“Why are we looking at why didn’t the girls speak up?” she said in an interview with “60 Minutes” this month. “Why not look at, what about the culture? What did USA gymnastics do, and Larry Nassar do, to manipulate these girls so much that they are so afraid to speak up?”

After Ms. Raisman’s announcement, and her subsequent commentary, Ms. Douglas, who had competed alongside her in both Olympics, posted a tweet that quoted a message from Ms. Raisman about the abuse. Ms. Douglas’s post included her own comment, which read “however it is our responsibility as women to dress modestly and be classy. Dressing in a provocative/sexual way entices the wrong crowd.”

The comment was widely attacked as victim shaming, with Simone Biles, the 2016 all-around gold medalist, showing her disappointment in a post to Twitter in which she said it “shocks me that I’m seeing this but it doesn’t surprise me.”

Ms. Douglas has attempted to walk back the post, saying it was misinterpreted and that victims are always blameless. In her clarifications she revealed that she, too, had been one of Dr. Nassar’s victims.

Ms. Maroney was the first of the gold medal-winning gymnasts to publicly accuse Dr. Nassar when she revealed details of her abuse in October, and Jamie Dantzscher, a bronze medalist from the 2000 team, was among the initial group of Dr. Nassar’s accusers last year.

While Dr. Nassar’s legal situation appears to be resolved in Ingham County, he faces similar charges in Eaton County, the location of an elite gymnastics club. He is also awaiting sentencing after having pleaded guilty in federal court on child pornography charges.

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