Christmas food calorie calculator: How much exercise do you need to do to burn off dinner? | Diets | Life & Style

Christmas food calorie calculator: How much exercise do you need to do to burn off dinner? | Diets | Life & Style

Christmas is around the corner, as is festive food, Christmas dinner and a whole load of calories.

Do you know how many calories are in each of the Christmas foods, from turkey to roast potatoes?

Britons understandably worry about putting on weight over the festive period, as those extra pounds can be hard to shift. And it’s not just the food, hidden calories in alcohol can sneak up on you.

How long does it really take to burn off those popular, Christmas foods? 

Myprotein Nutritionist Jennifer Blow revealed the number of calories in these festive treats – and what exercise you need to do to burn them off. 

Christmas food calories

3 medium roast potatoes – 400 calories = 40 minutes of Crossfit

3 slices of turkey – 90 calories = 20 minutes of casual cycling

3 parsnips – 163 calories = 15 minutes of stair climbing

1 sausage wrapped in bacon – 235 calories = 30 minutes of squats

2 Carrots – 82 calories = 6 minutes of burpees

1 large Yorkshire pudding – 230 calories = 45 minutes on Wii Fit

Slice of xmas pudding – 330 calories = 30 minute HIIT class

2 Slices of cheese with 4 crackers 280 calories = 30 minutes running

Glass of mulled wine – 160 calories = 30 minutes hot yoga

Glass of Prosecco – 69 calories  = 7 minutes of jump rope skipping

Shot of baileys – 109 calories  = 20 minutes of low intensity strength or weight training

How to avoid putting on weight over Christmas

Jennifer also gave her tips on how to avoid piling on the pounds this month and into the new year.

1) Make the most of the holiday lies ins and have sex to burn calories

2) Go to bed early to avoid late night leftover snacking

3) Manage portion sizes by using a side plate instead of a main

4) Always have a bottle of water handy and drink two litres, it can be hard when you are surrounded by delicious drinks and alcohol

5) Try fasting from 5pm – 9am the next morning

6) Hit the sales – a full morning of shopping can burn up to 400 calories

Losing weight before Christmas could be the key to not fearing the scales after January 1.

An expert revealed how to burn belly fat before the festive period, without leaving the house. 

Just think how much easier it’ll be in January now you’ve already laid some solid fitness groundwork.

You’ll be hitting the ground running even if you do overindulge in a few mince pies and glasses of mulled wine.

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