Eugenie Bouchard diet, fitness and meal plan: Tennis star eat these foods every day | Diets | Life & Style

Eugenie Bouchard diet, fitness and meal plan: Tennis star eat these foods every day | Diets | Life & Style

Eugenie Bouchard, 23, is one of the best tennis players to come out of Canada, with an impressive net worth.

Currently ranking number 82 in the world, the star is known for her lean, athletic figure.

As well as playing tennis every day, what does she do to fuel her training and stay in peak physical condition?

Genie has spoken about her diet and fitness secrets in the past, and revealed there is one particular food she constantly snacks on.

Speaking to Self Magazine, Eugenie admitted she relies on eating small meals throughout the day, and said: “I always have my energy bars and energy gels on hand.

“And bananas, definitely. All tennis players eat like five bananas a day.”

Cooking is not her forte, and she admitted to having an empty fridge most of the time.

She continued: “I’m not a cooking person, so there’s not much in the fridge. On the rare occasion that I do cook, I make myself breakfast.

“Eggs are my go-to in the morning for some protein. Orange juice as well. You have to start your day off with that.”

When it comes to exercise, Eugenie plays tennis four hours a day, plus spends two hours a day in the gym.

And to keep herself motivated, she listens to music throughout.

Speaking to Best Health, Eugenie discussed her playlist, and said: “I like to listen to Top 40, anything that’s on the radio, top 10 on iTunes…it’s not some cool indie band that no one’s head of. It’s really just cliché.”

Fans of the tennis ace has 1.5 million followers on Instagram who watch her every move, enjoying her sometimes sexy pictures.

As well as regular behind-the-scenes updates of her training, Eugenie post snippets of her personal life.

She is also known for her modelling work, have shot for Sports Illustrated and starred in numerous campaigns for Nike and other brands.

She also recently hit the headlines after enjoying a third date with a man who propositioned her on Twitter.

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