I’m A Celebrity 2017: Rebekah and Dennis slammed again over Iain amid THAT handshake clip | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

I’m A Celebrity 2017: Rebekah and Dennis slammed again over Iain amid THAT handshake clip | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Fans took to Twitter to condemn their behaviour in the ITV coming out show, after the pair were seen discussing the “bullying” claims before seemingly shaking hands when it was revealed the broadcaster had been booted out.

Earlier in the instalment, the mother-of-four was seen breaking down as she read the reports before discussing it with the former footballer after he left the jungle.

“Now he has to come out and say what is the truth and if he doesn’t, he’s going to have a row,” Dennis, 50, told her.

“I don’t think he will. I think he’s going to play it, massively,” Rebekah replied, with those watching at home quickly accusing them of “b****ing” all over again.

“Wow Rebekah and Dennis are just proving how AWFUL the are. No remorse just back-tracking. Embarrassing #ImACelebrity,” one tweet read.

Two others agreed: “So all Becky and Dennis are doing is slagging Iain off again, claiming they aren’t bullies #ImaCelebrity,” and: “Absolutely going at Iain but at the same time saying they weren’t bullying him. What are you doing now then?”

A fourth added: “Love how @denniswise @RebekahVardy defend themselves as not being bullies by… b****ing about @iainlee. Lame. You don’t deserve how nice he’s been about you since leaving the jungle #ImaCelebrity.”

The pair as well as Amir were later seen shaking hands just moments after Iain failed to make the final two.

“To me they have just confirmed there mean streak shaking hands like that #ImACeleb  #imacelebrity,” a viewer remarked online.

However, Iain quickly cleared up the whole matter in the programme and later said they were all friends as they celebrated before heading home.

“There was no bullying,” he started. “Let’s quash this rumour once and for all. Bullying is a very serious thing, a huge word. I always got on with Becky, I always thought she had a deliciously dark sense of humour.”

Iain added: “Me and Jamie were coming from completely different cultures, there was no bullying – and me and Amir were good mates. We just took the p*** out of each other – he’d mispronounce my name and I’d call him an idiot and tell him to f*** off.

“The only argument was with Dennis, it lasted three minutes – 30 minutes later we were hugging and saying, ‘I love you man’.”

Rebekah later tweeted: “A big thank you to @iainlee for clearing that up & also for the ‘deliciously dark’ sense of humour comment. Lots of love to all of the 2017 campmates. It was a pleasure to share a camp with all of you. See you all soon xx.”

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