Texans Won’t Be Punished for Handling of Tom Savage Concussion

Texans Won’t Be Punished for Handling of Tom Savage Concussion

It said that the slow-motion video of Savage, which alarmed many viewers, “was not broadcast until after the doctors had begun the sideline evaluation and thus was not seen by the medical staff prior to the evaluation.”

“The Texans medical staff continued to monitor Mr. Savage after the initial evaluation and shortly after his return to the game, identified symptoms that had not been present during the sideline evaluation and took him to the locker room for further evaluation.”

No discipline will be assessed in the incident, the statement said, but “improvements” have been made to the protocol “to prevent such an unacceptable outcome in the future.”

The improvements include having an independent consultant at the league office watching game broadcast feeds. That consultant “will contact the team medical staff on the sideline should they observe any signs or symptoms warranting further evaluation.”

The league will also formally list “fencing responses,” the hand motions shown by Savage, as a sign of potential concussion. Players who display it “shall be removed from play and may not return to the game.”

The league will also require a locker room concussion evaluation for players stumbling or falling to the ground when trying to stand.

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