The Fire Next Time – The New York Times

The Fire Next Time – The New York Times

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In The New York Times Book Review, Brendan I. Koerner reviews “Megafire: The Race to Extinguish a Deadly Epidemic of Flame,” by Michael Kodas, and “Firestorm: How Wildfire Will Shape Our Future,” by Edward Struzik. Koerner writes:


As detailed in Michael Kodas’s bracing “Megafire” and Edward Struzik’s drier “Firestorm,” today’s forests are often clogged with desiccated vegetation because — unlike in countless millenniums past — they are seldom cleansed by naturally occurring blazes. With such an abundance of fuel to feast on, wildfires like those currently raging in California have become increasingly ruinous and intense. Ten million acres of the United States burned in 2015, over three times more than the annual average throughout the 1970s. And the Forest Service now spends more than half its budget fighting fires, compared with just 16 percent in 1995.

On this week’s podcast, Koerner talks about “Megafire” and “Firestorm”; Henry Fountain discusses “The Great Quake: How the Biggest Earthquake in North America Changed Our Understanding of the Planet”; Alexandra Alter has news from the publishing world; and Gal Beckerman, Gregory Cowles, Lovia Gyarkye and John Williams on what people are reading. Pamela Paul is the host.

Here are the books mentioned in this week’s “What We’re Reading”:

“Otherwise: New & Selected Poems” by Jane Kenyon

“Kill All Normies” by Angela Nagle

“Beyond the Horizon” by Amma Darko

“The Adversary” by Emmanuel Carrère

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