Pulled From the Past: Easy, Delicious Recipes for 2018

Pulled From the Past: Easy, Delicious Recipes for 2018

When it comes to recipes, a beautiful photograph is more likely to influence one’s decision to make a dish than any name or description. It’s simple: If it looks good, you’re going to want to make it. But when NYT Cooking began in September 2014, only some of our 16,000 recipes included photographs, and many of those felt out of date or simply looked unappetizing.

Since then, our editors (often prompted by reader reviews or emails) have uncovered hundreds of recipes from the Times archives that have been restyled, rephotographed and reintroduced to our readers. Here are two of them. Easy and delicious, they’re the kind of dishes that are not only beloved but also apt to get you cooking more in the new year.

The first, Mark Bittman’s Greek-style broiled shrimp, initially ran in The New York Times Magazine in 2013. It is a perfect weeknight recipe. It relies heavily on garlic, oregano and black pepper as a coating for the shrimp. Serve it alongside a hearty salad or with a stack of flatbread for an easy meal. In the original article, a roundup of shrimp recipes, Mr. Bittman suggested using wild shrimp from the Pacific or Gulf of Mexico, or fresh local shrimp, if they’re available to you. All, he wrote, are “preferable from a sustainability perspective.”

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