Hard Sun: When does the BBC series start? How many episodes are there? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Hard Sun: When does the BBC series start? How many episodes are there? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

When does Hard Sun start?

The BBC drama has been created by Luther writer Neil Cross and paints a bleak vision of the future.

Hard Sun starts tomorrow (Saturday, January 6) on BBC One at 9.35pm. 

Cross was inspired to write the series after listening to David Bowie’s song Five Years, which features on the soundtrack for the show. 

The programme was shot at various locations primarily in central London as well as Anglesey, Wales. 

What will happen in Hard Sun?

The show is part crime thriller and part futuristic parable as two detectives make a terrifying discovery about the fate of the Earth while investigating a routine case. 

Both officers will be left shaken to the core when they find out the truth about the fate of the planet – all contained on a USB memory stick. 

They uncover a government conspiracy that reveals that the world will be destroyed by the sun in five years’ time.

The drama seems to have elements of Channel 4 cult hit Utopia, which was also a dystopian thriller.

A short summary on the official website for the show reads: “Unruly police detective DCI Charlie Hicks is deeply suspicious of his new partner DI Elaine Renko.

“But their first investigation exposes a secret that will connect them for life.”  

How many episodes are Hard Sun?

There are a total of six episodes in Hard Sun each about an hour long. 

It will run for the next six weeks as the first season unfolds. 

Who is in the cast of Hard Sun?

Model and actress Gayness Deyn plays policewoman Detective Inspector Elaine Renko.

While Jim Sturgess portrays her partner Detective Chief Inspector Charlie Hicks.

Silent Witness and Luther actress Nikki Amuka-Bird is Grace Morrigan.

Other members of cast include Jojo Macari stars as Daniel Renko, Aisling Bea as Mari Butler, Adrian Rawlins as DS George Mooney, and Derek Riddell as DCS Roland Bell.

Hard Sun starts on BBC One tomorrow at 9.35pm.

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