BBC weather: Matt Taylor warns of ‘RELENTLESS’ fog and frost across the UK | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

BBC weather: Matt Taylor warns of ‘RELENTLESS’ fog and frost across the UK | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

The meteorologist warned BBC Breakfast viewers to be careful of fog and frost.

He explained visibly will be reduced in the west due to dense patches of fog.

There will also be lots of cloud around in the west as the weather conditions worsen.

Matt said: “You may go from good visibility to particularly bad visibility in a short space of time.”

He also described the fog as “relentless” when he spoke about grey skies and mist in western areas. 

In the eastern part of the UK, the cloud will be thick and there will be light rain and drizzle.

While parts of western Wales, northern England and Scotland will continue to see sunshine today. 

Temperatures will be between seven and nine degrees, which Matt mentioned was normal for this time of the year.

Tonight, eastern areas are expected to see rain and a little bit of drizzle. 

However, most areas will be dry for much of the day as the clouds clear up.

This evening it will gradually turn wetter in the west, affecting Northern Ireland and the west of Wales.

While in Cornwall it will be breezy with temperatures floating between six and seven degrees.

On Saturday there will be grey skies for most of the UK but north east Scotland and eastern parts of England will clear up during the day.

Saturday night is expected to be damp in parts of Scotland, western England and Wales despite the weather front fizzling out.

On Sunday it will be a chilly start to the day possibly for most of the UK with some frost around.

Next week, it will be colder and there is the potential for strong winds and frequent showers. 

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