Dawn French weight loss: Late night eating fruit | Diets | Life & Style

Dawn French weight loss: Late night eating fruit | Diets | Life & Style

Dawn French, 60, has lost seven and a half stone since 2012. But how did she do it?

Her Twitter account has revealed a possible secret behind the impressive weight loss.

She recently posted a photo of mixed fruit – including melon and strawberries – on the end of cocktail skewers.

She captioned it:  “When you’ve been out for the night and there are fruit lollipops waiting for you on your return…..”.

Fruit is low in calories, and is therefore a good addition to a weight loss diet.

While other Twitter users suggested “kebabs” or “cheese on toast” might be a more appropriate late night treat, the choice of fruit is clearly working for Dawn.

It was suggested that the healthy fruit skewers were prepared by her husband, Mark Bignall. 

One Twitter user, speculating over who had made the fruit lollipops, wrote: “Looks like a Bignell treat.”

Another wrote: “How very delightful! If those are from your husband, the man is a definite keeper!!”

Dawn is said to have lost the weight for a keyhole surgery operation in 2014.

She has previously said the weight loss was achieved through a combination of walking and calorie reduction.

“No magic wand, just tiny, joyless low-cal eating and lots more walking for weeks and weeks,” she said.

Another example of a celebrity dropping the pounds is Susan Boyle’s weight loss.

The I Dreamed a Dream singer announced in 2016 she had lost two stone.

This was after a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis which motivated her to look after her health.

But whow did she lose the weight? She said back in 2016 it was through giving up sugary treats.

“I needed to stop eating sweeties and cakes. It’s the bane of my life,” she told the publication.

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