Hard Sun viewers SWITCH OFF as they brand series ‘too violent’ | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Hard Sun viewers SWITCH OFF as they brand series ‘too violent’ | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Following the discovery that the world will end in five years time, DI Elaine Renko (played by Agyness Deyn) took the story to a national newspaper. 

But, the government conspiracy was quickly denied and authorities claimed it was a hoax. 

However, MI5’s denial did not stop some members of the public from taking “Hard Sun” seriously, with one man planning to kill his own family before the end of the world. 

After Elaine’s plan to expose the conspiracy fell flat, she returned to work with DCI Charlie Hicks (Jim Sturgess) as they tried to track down the murderous father. 

Unfortunately for many, the violent scenes were too much and they switched off. 

“This must be the most violent programme I’ve ever seen on @BBC #HardSun And it’s rubbish,” one viewer wrote on Twitter. 

While another added: “After this utter shambolic episode, we’ve decided we won’t be watching next week #HardSun.”

A third continued: “Seriously one of the worst hours of TV there has ever been #HardSun.”

“I’m all for the political, apocalyptic, suspense and drama… But I can’t sit through the blood and violence. Having to channel surf through the bloody scenes #HardSun,” someone else tweeted. 

A fifth noted: “This #hardsun is bloody violent to say the least.”

As another continued: “I am really wanting to get through the whole series of #HardSun… But the increasing amount of killings, blood and blades really puts me off.. 

“Next week’s teaser shows Richard Coyle is in it…so I shall try to get through episode 3….”

Next week’s episode will see a murderer confess to a priest that he wants to challenge God into revealing himself by targeting those who help others. 

Meanwhile Grace Morrigan makes Charlie an offer – could it concern his family?

Hard Sun continues on One on Saturday at 9.35pm or the full series is available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.

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