Suspect in London Mosque Attack Had Contact With Far-Right Groups

Suspect in London Mosque Attack Had Contact With Far-Right Groups

The BBC quoted prosecutors in Mr. Osborne’s trial as saying that he had looked to the Britain First leaders Paul Golding and Ms. Fransen, as well as Tommy Robinson, a founder of the English Defence League, after the London Bridge attack.


Darren Osborne

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Jurors at the trial, in Woolwich Crown Court in London, were shown a screenshot found on Mr. Osborne’s computer that described Britain turning into a country built on “hatred, on violence and on Islam.”

The defendant received an invitation to a protest from an account belonging to Mr. Robinson that called for demonstrators to “stand up to hate” and “say ‘no more’ ” The invitation said the bombing in Manchester was “not the beginning and it won’t be the end,” according to the BBC.

Prosecutors said that in the week before the attack Mr. Osborne had been heard “preaching racial hatred” in a pub. He was said to have told one pub customer, a soldier: “I’m going to kill all the Muslims. Muslims are all terrorists. Your families are all going to be Muslim. I’m going to take it into my own hands.”

Mr. Osborne’s former partner, Sarah Andrews, reportedly said he had been “brainwashed” after watching reports about a child sexual exploitation ring in Rochdale, a borough of Manchester, that had been organized by a group of British Pakistanis.

A handwritten note found in the van that plowed into the Muslim worshipers described Muslims as “feral” and child predators. “Don’t people get it,” it read. “This is happening up and down our Green and pleasant land.”

Jonathan Rees, the leading prosecutor, said that “the underlying theme” seemed to be that Mr. Osborne felt that not enough “was being said or done to counter terrorism and the grooming gangs comprising predominantly Muslim males.”

“Against that background,” Mr. Rees added, “the defendant decided to take matters into his own hands.”

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