McMafia spoilers: Viewers stunned by horrific death bombshell ‘I’m shaken to the core’ | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

McMafia spoilers: Viewers stunned by horrific death bombshell ‘I’m shaken to the core’ | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

The BBC drama took a dark turn as it ramped up the nail-biting drama during tonight’s instalment, which led to Vadim Kalyagin’s (played by Merab Ninidze) daughter Natasha (Anna Levanova) getting shot at her very own farewell party. 

Alex Godman’s (James Norton) world continued to crumble around him following the shooting of his girlfriend Rebecca Harper (Juliet Rylance) last week, as she finally revealed that not only had she been secretly pregnant with his child, but she’d miscarried. 

While Alex was devastated, Rebecca claimed that the man she’d once loved had changed beyond recognition, which set the gears in motion for the troubled character to book a flight and get on a plane to fix things with his family situation once and for all.

Yet just as he was boarding, Natasha was ambushed and shot multiple times, leaving a vengeful and grieving Vadim out for blood from the Godman family.

The gunman was driven off in a getaway car and Dimitri Godman (Aleksey Serebryakov) frantically tried to get hold of his son Alex after some mystery information came to light, but it was too late as the latter had already boarded for Moscow.

Taking to Twitter in shock, fans expressed feelings on the surprising development.

One person declared: “OMG it can’t end like that!! WTF!!! #McMafia.”

“Oh dear! Not Natasha. #McMafia,” another fan lamented.

“Sh*t. Not Natasha, NO. #McMafia,” a third agreed.

A fourth shared: “I am shaken to the CORE #McMafia,” followed by: “Can’t cope with the intensity of McMafia! My hearts racing, my palms are sweaty… ahh.”

Some viewers were even left disturbed by the potential connection to real life mafia after witnessing the harrowing storyline.

One person wrote: “I feel shell shocked after watching McMafia. Though the story is fiction it is based on truth and is not a Hollywood concoction. 

“The families (in London for god’s sake) living a rich lie based on the brutality and wastage of other innocent peoples lives. OMG.”

McMafia concludes Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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