Winds of Winter – ASOIAF Book 6 ‘WON’T release this year’? | Books | Entertainment

Winds of Winter – ASOIAF Book 6 ‘WON’T release this year’? | Books | Entertainment

George RR Martin has been working on the sixth novel in the series for quite some time now, with several alleged release dates coming and going.

It had been hoped that the book would hit shelves in 2018, but now a new comment from Martin himself has been interpreted as a sign that won’t be the case.

Yesterday the author published a blog about the Hugo Awards and was asked in the comments section if any ASOIAF-related material was due for release this year.

“FIRE & BLOOD is planned,” he replied. Fire and Blood is a companion book; a guide to the history of the House of Targaryen.

So is this a hint that The Winds of Winter is not on the slate for the year ahead?

Not necessarily: it is worth pointing out that the person who asked the question had done so by arguably omitting TWOW from the equation.

“Any plans for ASOIAF-related writing (releases) for 2018? TWoW certainly would be awesome, but anything else planned?” they wrote.

So the fact that TWOW was almost given a free-pass from the question indicates that there’s perhaps nothing to be gleaned from Martin’s reply.

Still, concern continues to grow in the fans’ community over how long the wait for the new book is.

“No TWoW this year, then? I think I need a Xanax,” read the top-rated comment on Reddit.

“I’m very close to giving up on the series at this point. Looking for reasons to stay, but struggle,” agreed another.

Game of Thrones, the TV show inspired by the books, will come to an end in 2019. Its final season is currently filming.

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