5 Netflix Shows To Watch If You Like ‘The Crown’

5 Netflix Shows To Watch If You Like ‘The Crown’

In 2017, “The Crown” established itself as a very popular show across the globe. But with only two seasons of 10 episodes each, you likely finished up the series awhile ago. And as Netflix has to pay so much to create it, there aren’t many shows quite like it out there that are obvious choices to watch next.

With that in mind, the list below tries to offer a few Netflix suggestions for shows that have some similar qualities to “The Crown.”

Mostly this means period pieces with strong writing. Luckily for you, Netflix has a few of those that have strangely slipped through the cracks of American attention after earning high-profile releases overseas.

And if you’re just here for the obscene displays of wealth or the British accents, this list has you covered as well.

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