Troy: Fall Of A City cast – Viewers stunned by Paris’ saucy sex scene | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Troy: Fall Of A City cast – Viewers stunned by Paris’ saucy sex scene | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

The series, which focusses on the Trojan war saw Paris (played by Louis Hunter) enjoyed a steamy sex scene with a brunette beauty in the fields where he worked. 

The Prince of Troy started his life herding cows before he learned he was royal and his father was the King of Troy. 

But before he discovered his true identity, he filled his time chasing after local beauties. 

The pair could be seen having wild sex under the burning sun, with Paris’ bare bottom on show.

His lover flashed her breasts as she lay on her back and smiled at Paris. 

Those tuning into the first instalment were shocked by the saucy scene and took to Twitter to comment on the short amount of time it took before sex featured on the show. 

One viewer commented: “Bare boobs at quarter past nine?! #TroyFallOfACity #DearPointsOfView.”

“First bare bum sighting #TroyFallOfACity,” another wrote. 

A third continued: “Five minutes in, and we’ve had our first boobies. #troyfallofacity.”

Someone else added: “Sh**ging already  #TroyFallOfACity.”

Another fan warned: “Just to let you know the new BBC One drama #TroyFallOfACity has started So far there has been Cowboys, sex in a field, and Paris on what seems to be an ancient version of Blind Date.”

That wasn’t the only moment nudity was featured in the opening episode. 

Paris bared his bottom once more as he raced along the beach near to where he lived and mocked his brothers. 

Later when he visited greek king Menelaus (Jonas Armstrong), he enjoyed a steamy romp with his wife Helen (Bella Dayne) before leaving Sparta to return home.

Troy: Fall Of A City continues Saturday on BBC One at 9.10pm.

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