Trends from New York Toy Fair

Trends from New York Toy Fair

Kids like gross things, and the toy industry is capitalizing on it. This year, games and toys feature pimple popping, poo side-stepping and disgusting smells.

SpinMaster showcased Flush Force, collectibles that pop out of toilets, and Dr. Pimple Popper, a game that’s all about popping zits, at Toy Fair. And it wasn’t the only one. The brand is also launching a line of “Fuggler” a new twist on an ugly doll, featuring realistic looking human teeth.

Jakks Pacific has its own pimple popping game, Pop-A-Zit, and plans to launch a toilet paper spitball shooter.

From Mattel comes Flush N’ Frenzy, a game that features a plunger and requires fast reflexes to catch a piece of flying poop as it bursts out of the top of a plastic toilet bowl.

If that wasn’t enough, Hasbro is launching Don’t Step In It, a game where kids have to make there way down a strip of “grass” while blindfolded and avoid as many squishy poops as possible.

Wowwee also joined the fray, debuting What’s That Smell?, a board game where players have to scratch and sniff cards and identify different, sometimes disgusting smells.

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