7 Underrated Shows You Should Watch First If You Just Got HBO

7 Underrated Shows You Should Watch First If You Just Got HBO

So you just got access to HBO. Maybe you paid for it; maybe you got a password from a friend of a friend. Regardless of how you went about it, you’re likely unsure what to watch first.

Sure, you could finally catch up on the very popular “Game of Thrones.” You could also watch a classic like “The Sopranos” or “Sex and the City.” But given the notoriety of those projects, you’re probably already at least aware of what they’re about and whether their respective vibes appeal to you.

With that in mind, the list below offers up a few truly great options on HBO that haven’t quite reached Carrie Bradshaw levels of popularity — meaning you probably haven’t made up your mind about them just yet.

Popularity is determined here by whether half of a show’s episodes have had less than 1 million viewers in initial ratings. For perspective, “Game of Thrones” averaged over 10 million viewers per episode last season.

These shows are also all relatively new, with most of them still debuting new episodes. As such, you can claim these shows as your own and help make them a thing. Maybe none of these will ever become as popular as “Game of Thrones” (“The Young Pope” should really add a dragon), but they’re all definitely worth your time. 

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