Eastenders star Jacqueline Jossa laments pregnancy struggle on Instagram | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Eastenders star Jacqueline Jossa laments pregnancy struggle on Instagram | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

The 25-year-old former EastEnders star, who is pregnant with her second child with Dan Osborne, 26, took her three-year-old daughter Ella to trampolining earlier today but admitted she couldn’t get involved with the fun due to being heavily pregnant.

Jacqueline took to her Instagram story to lament missing out on the fun, in view of her one million followers.

“When you’re preggo you cannot jump on the trampoline,” Jacqueline said to the camera, seeming annoyed by not being able to join in.

The brunette’s outing comes shortly after she took to her Youtube vlog Jacqueline’s World to speak about her childhood memories with her mother Selina, as her daughter Ella looked on.

“She can be very embarrassing and gets starstruck very easily, which is not good,” she told her social media fans, before explaining: “I took her to the NTAs once, and she jumped on Alan Carr…”

Putting up a defence about her daughter’s confession, her mother interrupted and exclaimed: “I didn’t jump on him!”

“Yes you did,” Jacqueline added, refusing to be told otherwise.

“He thought I was somebody else,” her mum quipped.

But Jacqueline didn’t stop there with the embarrassing memories and told how her mother also jumped on her former on-screen father Jake Wood, who plays Max Branning in the soap.

“Oh, that was a joke, it was seriously a joke” her mum replied, in a bid to defend her actions.

Despite the actress’ close bond with her mother, Jacqueline Jossa previously admitted that she felt “ashamed” when she first found out about her second pregnancy and didn’t want to tell her.

When asked by a fan on her Youtube page about how she felt when she first found out that she was expecting for a second time, she revealed: “I was terrified, which is weird, I felt exactly the same and thought, I am not telling my mum, even though come on it’s pretty obvious now.

“You just go into a different mode where you’re like, ‘No I’m not telling anyone, I’m ashamed. What do I do? Oh my god, people are gonna know.’”

Eastenders continues Thursday on BBC at 7:30pm.

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