The Walking Dead season 8 news Greg Nicotero teases another spin-off ahead of finale | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

The Walking Dead season 8 news Greg Nicotero teases another spin-off ahead of finale | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

The Walking Dead focuses on the lives of zombie apocalypse survivors in Atlanta, Georgia, 

Fans were treat to more of the universe when Fear the Walking Dead crashed onto screens four years ago with its California, Mexico and Texas turn of events. 

However, there has long been talk of the world expanding even further to show the true worldwide effect of the outbreak.

And with the growing success of Fear, it seems bosses are open to the idea of another spin-off. 

Greg Nicotero has teased a completely different environment for the zombies, should another show be commissioned. 

He teased: “The one thing that the comic book does great [is] when they introduce the cold weather and the winter.

“I had even written some webisodes that took place with a frozen zombie herd. 

“And I think that our hopes are – my hopes – would be that we get into an entirely different location, like a cold weather scenario.

“Because frozen zombies are f**king awesome. 

“Until they thaw out and then you’re screwed because they would freeze and thaw out and they would be fine.”

What’s more, Nicotero suggested there could be scope to take the show to other parts of the world entirely. 

He continued to Variety: “We’ve done a good job of allowing our audience to populate the US and I think there’s a lot more opportunities outside of the US for a zombie show.”

This comes as Rick Grimes star Andrew Lincoln has teased the season eight finale will be in a new and exciting location as well.

The star told Entertainment Weekly: “I think you’ve got everything in this one. 

“It’s quite an unusual structure, but it’s very emotional, I hope, because that’s what I felt while filming. It’s epic.”

Lincoln added: “The location we shot at was phenomenal and unusual. I hope that it’s going to look on screen as good as it felt when we were shooting there.

“It does feel like it completes something. 

“But it also does feel that it offers a lot of interesting story arcs for the future, which is quite unusual.”

Will fans get to see even more of the universe in the coming years?

The Walking Dead airs every Monday on FoxUK at 9pm. 

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