Emma Willis red-faced as she SWEARS live on This Morning: ‘Inappropriate’ | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Emma Willis red-faced as she SWEARS live on This Morning: ‘Inappropriate’ | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

The presenter, who is hosting in the absence of and this week, made the gaffe as she chatted to former police officer Mark Williams-Thomas.

His new series The Investigator: A British Crime Story airs on ITV tonight and follows his investigation into the death of Louise.

Mark believes he has worked out where Louise’s body has been buried.

And desperate to hear about what he found out, Emma quizzed the former police officer about his investigation.

Unfortunately, she made a slight slip-up as she noted: “You see what we’ve just seen back, that a person and a car just disappear off the face of the a**e.”

Emma was of course meant to say: “Disappear off the face of the earth.”

Many of those tuning into This Morning were quick to point out her blunder and took to Twitter to comment.

“We are live on #thismorning Please do not swear Emma Willis! “Disappeard off the face of the a**e” #awks,” one wrote.

Another added: “#thismorning poor @EmmaWillis must be sat there thinking “I said a**e, why did I say arse?!!” Bless her!! Loving her and @Rylan we need more of them please!”

A third continued: “Did Emma Willis just say “a**e” instead of earth? @thismorning @EmmaWillis #ThisMorning.”

“Did Emma just say disappeared off the face of the a**e – twice. Instead of earth? Shame it’s a serious part bet Rylan would have loved to rib her #thismorning #slipoftongue @itvthismorning @Rylan @EmmaWillis,” someone else shared.

A fifth wrote: “Disappearing off the face of the a**e. inappropriate time for a slip up #ThisMorning.”

Emma was later seen clearing her throat on the show as she struggled to continue with the interview.

Following a quick advert break, her co-host Rylan Clark—Neal was quick to point out that Emma had a sore throat.

It came after , who weighs her six-year-old daughter every day.

Emma noted: “I think its pretty controversial, to be a parent of a daughter who is eight and son who is six, the same age as your daughter.”

But Nadia, who confessed to monitoring her daughter’s weight, hit back: “Going back to how my mum was with us, she was really good with our foods and had a good routine, and I would say, ‘Oh mum can I have more’, she would say ‘That’s your share but you can have more after if you want.’”

“Did your mum weigh you?” Emma queried.

Nadia hesitantly replied: “Not that I can remember.”

This Morning airs weekdays on ITV at 10.30am.

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