Imelda Staunton teases break from TV and film ‘I should go away!’ | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Imelda Staunton teases break from TV and film ‘I should go away!’ | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

The 62-year-old was nominated for two Olivier Awards at the weekend for her acting in two productions.

Imelda teased that she needs to step away from TV and cinema screens so that viewers are not overdosed on the actress on all platforms.

Speaking exclusively to, Imelda said: “Well I’ve just had a film out called Finding your Feet, so that’s enough at the moment!

“I think I should shut up and go away!”

When asked if she has any other TV or film work in the pipeline, Imelda kept tight-lipped.

She said: “Well who knows, who knows what might happen?”

Imelda was nominated for Best Actress in a Musical for Follies and Best Actress for Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Being recognised at the prestigious ceremony, Imelda gushed that it’s a “nice party”.

She said: “It’s always nice [to be recognised], of course it is.

“It’s sort of like the end of school prizes, isn’t it? The end of term school prizes!

“The work is the thing and The Olivier Awards is just a nice party.

“I know people are performing tonight and I know what that pressure is like myself.”

Imelda added: “But it’s nice for me to just sit there and watch a very good show.”

Married for 34 years to Downton Abbey actor Jim Carter, the couple have one daughter, 24-year-old Bessie.

Imelda previously told “We agreed there was no point in being married if we were not going to spend our life together.

“We have remained grounded, I think, and our life is far more important than acting.”

Imelda revealed that she met Jim though work.

“In 1981 I did two auditions,” she continued. 

“One was to take over from Elaine Paige in Cats, the other was to be in the chorus of Guys And Dolls. I didn’t get Cats but I met Jim who was also in Guys And Dolls. On reflection, I got the better job.

“Whatever and whoever I am playing, whether it is in films or on stage, I like to leave the character behind each night.

“I come home and talk about everything but the part. Jim does the same.”

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